Stephan Lessenich: My dear people, 2018-05-15T15:45:25+00:00

Stephan Lessenich

My dear people,

it has come to my attention that worry festers in you about no longer being able to bite as vigorously as you have been accustomed to doing for such a long time. From what I hear, you are afraid of losing your place in the sun. You suspect that perfect strangers have come to stay. This means you no longer only feel foreign in a foreign country. And it has come to my attention that you are tormented by the idea that you are no longer master in your own home.

Well, my people: I empathize with you. You built this country with the sweat of your brow. You created your own little empire with a lot of hard work and stamina, with intense thinking and proper knuckling down—and, of course, between us, with a bit of good luck as well. You can treat yourself today because you exerted yourself yesterday; can give yourself things because you accomplished things beforehand. You have no guilt, have always behaved to the best of your knowledge and belief. So, as well as ever.

And, now, none of that is supposed to be of any value? Now, Tarik, Dawoud, and Hassan, and whatever other names they have, are supposed to be brought into the boat?

Take it from me: you’re right to ask. And your misgivings, your reservations, your reluctance, and, yes, also your anger and resentment, are well grounded.

Don’t let yourself be fooled. You don’t have to justify yourself. And be assured that I am with you all the way. Don’t worry: everything will remain as it is. But when things can’t remain as they are, everything should once again be as it was. The climate good and the outlook rosy, your noses high and the borders closed, the roads free and the aviation fuel cheap.

I understand you. We understand each other. We cannot take in the whole world. It was already our guest one time, back in that summer. But now everything has to be okay again. You constantly go visit it yourself anyway—near and far, alone and in hordes, by land, by sea, and in the air. So the world, for its part, doesn’t need to come here at all anymore. Then, German women, German loyalty, German wine, and German song will still retain their beautiful sound.

My dear people,

I wish you love without suffering. And that you hold onto your dreams. In this sense, always at your service,

Your Federal Ministry for Homeland and Faith