Lady Bitch Ray: A Heart for “Popelism” 2018-05-14T13:14:02+00:00

Lady Bitch Ray

A Heart
for “Popelism”

This “popelism” is already like a hardened “Popel” (German for booger), as the name already implies. Does popelism have anything at all to do with love? To begin with, I would say no. So I imagine popelism more as a greedy, dogmatic, patronizing, narcissistically impaired, borderline manipulative partner, who doesn’t give anything, but wants to have everything. And who does everything to obtain power in the relationship. Who really wants to be together with such a person?

Was there not also the song line “Ein stummer Schrei nach Liebe” (a silent cry for love) by Die Ärzte? Perhaps the racist statements against Turks and Muslims by Alexander Gauland, André Poggenburg, and Beatrix von Storch are a silent cry for love? Perhaps the Storch tweets are only a cry for help due to a lack of experience with love? Or perhaps they simply want to be taken into someone’s arms and stroked, these AfD politicians? Hmm, well… I don’t actually believe in unconditional love, and I don’t want to respond to hate with caresses. In rap, we regulate such affairs with dissing punchlines and verbal attacks; what do you think would happen if women had to keep all of that inside and couldn’t spew?! That would make them sick. This verbal outlet is, incidentally, the main reason for the emergence of battle rap and hip-hop. Women beat each other up verbally so they no longer need to bash in heads; it has frequently helped—it helps almost every rapper, except, perhaps, in the case of Kollegah and Farid Bang, but some never learn. I can only underscore such a lyrical form of hate speech; hate speech also has to occur sometimes, above all when it contributes to satisfying pussytive desires and combatting racism—in my case, in contrast, it calms my sexual drives. That is why I recently commented on Gauland and Poggenburg’s insults on Facebook with anti-hate speech, and was blocked for thirty days as a result: not too bad, but writing those lines did give me satisfaction.

How does the song by Die Ärzte end again?—“Arschloch!! Arschloch!! Arschloch!!” (Asshole!! Asshole!! Asshole!!). Some things simply always come back again, or never change. And people simply need it hard.