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Sibylle Berg

is an author and playwright. She writes novels, essays, short prose works, theater pieces, and audio plays.

Talking with Fascists: Infinitely Bleak!

Gregor Gysi

is a legal expert, attorney, and member of the German Bundestag for Die Linke (The Left party). He has been the President of the European Left since the end of 2016.

Make Love, not AfD

Verena Krieger

is a former Green politician and a Professor of Art History at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität in Jena. She has published the book BRANDSCHUTZ. Aktuelle künstlerische Strategien gegen intolerante Mentalitäten (Jonas Verlag, Weimar 2018).

The Art oft Love

Stephan Lessenich

is a Professor at the Institut für Soziologie at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. His last book, Neben uns die Sintflut. Die Externalisierungsgesellschaft und ihr Preis was published by Hanser Verlag Berlin and will be published by Piper as a paperback edition in 2018.

My dear people,

Nina Power

is a cultural critic, social theorist, and philosopher. She is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Roehampton University and the author of One Dimensional Woman.

Love and War

Lady Bitch Ray

aka Dr. Bitch Ray (given name Reyhan Şahin) is a scholar, performance artist, rapper, and author. In 2012, she received her doctorate with the dissertation Die Bedeutung des muslimischen Kopftuchs in Deutschland, and completed her post-doctorate project on the self-representation of Muslim women in social networks in Germany.

A heart for “Popelismus”

Birgit Sauer

is a political scientist and a Professor at the Universität Wien. One focus of her work is on gender research in political science. She has published with Otto Penz the book Affektives Kapital. Die Ökonomisierung der Gefühle im Arbeitsleben (Campus, 2016).

Love in Times of Populism

Wolfgang Wendland

is the singer of the band Die Kassierer, as well as a filmmaker, actor, politician, and satirist. In addition to film and theater studies, he also studied philosophy, pedagogy, and politics for a total of thirty semesters.

Can a State be Borne by Love?