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Cellphone Photos

Cellphone photos and texts, each, framed together, 40 x 50 cm

It’s difficult to say what is better: to be a dog or a pig.
The pig has a pen. The dog, a leash.
Pigs’ toys are bigger. So, it’s better to be a pig.


As long as only two people wear the same thing, there is no danger.
It is when all people are wearing the same thing that slight mistrust is advisable in certain circumstances.
Except when everyone wears nothing. But, then, everything would be okay as well.

Father, mother, daughter, son.
The traditional image of a family is starting to crumble.
But, for the most part, the participants in the traditional family image only act as if they are father, mother, daughter, or son.

Preferably with big balls or big breasts? Is that dish also available with dumplings?
And, anyhow, Putin really only means it nicely. What now? But I ordered it with dumplings.
In addition, Putin has a Labrador; they are very affectionate dogs.

For Christmas, the Western world fetches its chains of lights from the cellar.
Some are more Jesus-style, the others more Crusaders.
Unfortunately, the Crusaders are often much more thorough.

We love all colors. Or to use the words of Konrad Adenauer about Nazischmierer (daubers of Nazi slogans or symbols):
“If you catch a lout somewhere, punish him on the spot and give him a hiding. That’s the punishment he deserves.”
In the case of a psychotic, it is, however, generally only necessary to take away his pen.

What type are you? More the Hitler type or the Stalin type?
Or does the future belong to you?
Do you participate in the Tide Pod Challenge, in which teenagers eat laundry detergent capsules on a dare?

Do you not want to touch anything after masturbating in the train station toilet?
The button that your elbow is not in the position to reach will assist you.
In most sex shops, there is no sex at all to be purchased. The Ministry for Consumer Protection looks away, in the case of the button and the false promises.

Every person is and/or at least has an asshole. Many a person is and/or has two: oneself, and the one between his or her butt cheeks.
Snowmen very rarely have assholes, unless they are made of air. Snowmen are cold on the inside, but at least they are not assholes, neither one time nor two.
They’re ahead of us there—and are, even though they are men. But, in the end, what is ultimately decisive is what comes out the rear.

Flesh and/or meat can quickly be confused. There’s raw meat, naked flesh, rotten meat, forced flesh, and voluntary flesh.
And when the meat/flesh says, “I don’t want to die for a small, potbellied groper?” But what’s concerned here is, indeed, only looking.
In the end, one played a sport and the other had a stiff neck. In the end, they nevertheless only go home with strained flesh.